GreenGame, European project for sustainability

GreenGame is a project that aims to develop environment-friendly behavior through awareness interventions and full attention.
This project develops a series of materials for teachers and students between 10 and 14 years.
1. A psychoeducational program
2. An online game
3. A GreenGame manual for children and a GreenGame support manual for teachers/educators.

All the materials developed within the framework of *GreenGame focus on 7 thematic areas:
1. Choosing and consuming green products
2. Water conservation
3. Electricity saving
4. Use sustainable or ecological means of transport (public, transport, bicycle, walking)
5. Reuse
6. Recycling
7. Correctly dispose of non-recyclable waste

The project has the following European partners – 6 organizations from 5 different countries:
– Creative Ideas – Latvia (coordinating partner)
– IBTR – instituto erefnas kai therapias tis simperiforas – Greece
– Gymnasium Arsakeio of Patras – Greece
– Akademia Humanistyczno Ekonomiczna w Lodzi – Poland
– Union of Parishes Gondomar (S. Cosme), Valbom and Jovim – Portugal
– And in our context – DEP INSTITUT– Spain

From October 18 to 19, 2022, the 1st transnational meeting of the European project Erasmus+ – GreenGame: development of environment-friendly behavior by school children was held in Athens (Greece).

In this first meeting, the advances made in the activities of the project and the development of the materials were analyzed.