DEP Institut conducted the study on Pet Abandonment and Adoption in 2012 of the Affinity Foundation

Increase of adoptions and stable rate of abandonments

DEP Institut has conducted, commissioned by the Affinity Foundation, the study on abandonment and adoption of pets in 2012. This study was conducted through a questionnaire that has been sent to animal protection societies and shelters, as well as the city councils of Spanish municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants. The survey gathers information on the number of cats and dogs collected during the year, the destination, and characteristics of animals collected or the main reasons of abandonment and adoption.

Some of the main results of the Study of Abandonment and Adoption in 2012 of the Affinity Foundation are:

  • Increase of adoptions and stable rate of abandonment.
  • In 2012 approximately 110,000 dogs have been collected (similar to the results of 2010) and 33,000 cats (lower rate than 2010).
  • The main reasons for abandonment of pets are unwanted litters (18.6%), economic factors (14.5%), loss of interest in the animal (9.9%), the end of the hunting season (8.9%) and problems in animal behavior (8.6%).

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February 16, 2015