Practical Guide to Study Abroad

DEP Institute and Educaweb develop the “Practical Guide to Study Abroad”

In a global world, a growing number of students choose to study abroad, which contributes to their personal and professional development. According to INE data for 2014, 462.000 students between 18 and 34 had completed part of their studies in higher education outside Spain.

In response to this demand and to assist students in their decision making, DEP Institut and Educaweb have developed the “Guía práctica para estudiar en el extranjero” (Practical Guide to Study Abroad) a manual that answers questions of “what to study, where to study and what criteria”.

The guide contains complete and detailed information on everything students need to know to study abroad and plan their academic and professional career based on a guidance perspective. To choose the main international reference centers organized by professional sectors it has been designed a prioritizing model of educational provision based on a system of indicators of excellence, from which it has been developed a compilation thought to be useful and provide an added value to existing information.

The book collects information on university cities in 29 countries, 129 and 786 global benchmark campus university classified in 22 sectors of knowledge. It also provides practical information on 10 cities with more training, where the reader can learn from aspects related to university activity in the city to issues of everyday life.

The “Guía práctica para estudiar en el extranjero“, published by Editorial Planeta is available both at bookstores, by prior arrangement in Educaweb and DEP Institute in Barcelona, or online: