Guiding cities: how to combat early school leaving?

Early school leaving (ESL) is a complex problem that must be addressed in a coordinated manner, from various institutions. In this sense, DEP Institut has driven the “Guiding Cities” project, approved under the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The main objective of the project led by DEP Institut is to promote collaboration between the various stakeholders in the field of education and guidance to improve the strategic planning of resources and services.

“Guiding Cities” counts with the participation of a total of eight organizations, both public and private, from four European countries: Spain, Italy, Romania and Greece, and has focused on:

– The analysis of the guiding actions carried out in four countries with different contexts through focus groups with various stakeholders (local technicians, educators, practitioners, policy makers…).
– The collection of good practices at national and international level.
– The development of a model of Guiding City and a check-list which sets out the possible actions, actors and community needs regarding the guidening and learning throughout life.
– Piloting the model through different partners.

On July 7th , it will be held in Barcelona a conference with the different partners at international level where will be publicly presented both the study results as the tools and resources developed under the Guiding Cities.

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