The labour insertion of the UAB Foundation graduates and of the Dr. Robert School

For the third consecutive year, the Barcelona Autonomous University Foundation (FUAB) has commissioned DEP Institut a study about the labour insertion of its graduates in undergraduate or master’s degree programs.

In addition to the studies offered by the UAB Foundation in the Schools of Prevention and Integral Security, Tourism and Hotel Management, Archiving and Document Management, FUABFORMACIÓ and the Center for Vocational Training of the UAB Foundation, also analyzed the quality of the labor insertion as well as the assessment of the training received from the graduates of the Master’s Degree in Social Policies and Community Action, of the Dr. Robert School of the Health and Ageing Foundation.

Through an online questionnaire, the study has allowed to obtain information on the employment situation and the working conditions of the graduates and evaluate the quality of the labour insertion, as well as the satisfaction with the training received from the FUAB. Additionally, it provides information on the experiences of international mobility of former students and regarding ongoing training.