TACKLE Project to reduce early school leaving

This Erasmus + project is part of a series of projects being developed to address the Covid-19 crisis. The main goal to reduce early school leaving is to develop assessment tools and digital support so that high schools can self-assess and develop their academic and career guidance program and face new challenges. In addition to providing online training for teachers and guidance professionals through the TACKLE toolbox.

It is considered that due to the Covid-19 crisis in Europe, the need for guidance, control and support services for schools is even more urgent. For this reason, they want to develop innovative digital tools to support guidance professionals and teachers.

D’EP Institut leads this project in collaboration with other European entities: Barcelona Education Consortium, Centro Studi Pluriversum (Italy), Ison Psychometrica (Greece), Iskra Desarrollo SCCCL (Spain).

More information on the website of the project.