Sant Cugat Sociological Observatory and Strategic Indicators 2017-2018

The City Council of Sant Cugat created in 2003 a Sociological Observatory to collect the opinion of citizens about their municipality and municipal management. The main objective of this instrument is to capture the knowledge and appreciation of the population about the city itself and about the actions, services and facilities of the City Council.


The Sociological Observatory and the Strategic Indicators allow a continuous analysis and monitoring of the opinion of the citizens about the state of the city, its problems and the evaluation of the strategic objectives of the City Council and the implemented public policies. In this sense, the main areas of interest of the Observatory are: citizens, the city, services and the municipal government.


DEP Institut collaborates again with the City Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès for the period 2017-2019 in its Sociological Observatory, carrying out both quantitative and qualitative studies, including the annual realization of three telephone surveys, three annual discussion groups, the update and maintenance of a system of social indicators, the recording of the surveys and the corresponding results reports.


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