Local Plan for Inclusion and Social Cohesion

DEP Institut collaborates with the Diputación of Barcelona in elaborating the Local Plan for Inclusion and Social Cohesion on the town of Balsareny, at the Bages.

Initially, this plan includes a previous local diagnosis to detect situations and collectives at exclusion risk, whether based on their sociodemographic characteristics (infancy, elder people, recently incorporated population), personal situations (mobility difficulties, health problems, single mother households, solitude) or economic issues (unemployment, chronic poverty, difficulties with housing payment).

The results from this diagnosis are useful for obtaining a more accurate knowledge of the people’s situation on the town and establishing coherent strategic guidelines that can lead improvement goals and the action plan in matters of local inclusion and social cohesion.

Support for elaborating Local Inclusion and Social Cohesion Plans is part of the services catalog offered by the Diputación of Barcelona to those local governments that request it.

Link: http://www.diba.cat/web/atencioalespersones