KitsCaixa validation of the scales of evaluation of competences

KitCaixa are a set of educational resources developed by the La Caixa Bank Foundation (FBLC). The main objective is to provide attractive, motivating and simple resources so that teachers and students engage in the development of activities that enhance the acquisition of competences by the students.

Each KitCaixa works a specific set of competences: Arduino (collaborative learning based on experimentation), Comunica (communicative skills), Curiosity (methods of teaching in sciences based on inquiry), Economics (capacity for initiative and spirit of innovation), Healthy Habits (aspects of health related to day to day activities), Young Entrepreneurs (entrepreneurship) and Values (education of ethical and social values).

In this context, DEP Institut has carried out the validation of the instruments to evaluate the competencies of two KitCaixa: Curiosity and Comunica. For this validation, DEP Institut has built two banks of items: one to evaluate the competencies in science (Curiosity) and another to evaluate the communicative competences (Comunica).

Once the banks of items have been constructed, the evaluation tests of the scientific and communicative competences have been validated thanks to the participation of 10 educational centres and 921 students from Catalonia, Madrid and Zaragoza.

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