Key indicators of ICTs in Catalonia, 2013

DEP Institut carries out this report for idigital and the Technology Circuit of Catalonia (CTecno)

The Internet use in Catalan households is below those of the EU-27, 71.5% compared to 76.0%. Nonetheless, among the households that have internet, in Catalonia it is more common than in the EU-27 for this connection to be broadband. That is how use is made of the results of the report on key Indicators of the ICTs in Catalonia, 2013, presented in February and carried out by DEP Institute under the care of CTecno.

Also seen in this study are the main uses that the citizens of the network in Catalonia consist of searches for information on goods and services and matters relating to relationships through means of chat and messaging. Likewise, weight is given to other activities such as on-line banking (49.3%) or actions regarding on-line employment searches (27.2%).

With what concerns businesses, 76.2% make use of a website. A 97.8% of the companies consulted claim to use the internet to search for information and over 50% confirm that they use it to obtain post-sale and pre-sale (customer service) services information and to observe market behaviour.

Regarding the most common interactions with the electronic administration on the part of the citizens and businesses, obtaining information from websites (57.2% and 74.9%, respectively).
Likewise, it is ascertained that the level of acquisition of goods and services on-line, on the part of the citizenry (25.1%) as well as businesses (12.4%), is discreet in comparison with the EU-27.

The study has broadened its analysis of sectors such as health and education. This study highlights that the majority of health centres in Catalonia are found connected to the Shares Clinical Record (81.6%) and the majority of the educational centres of Catalonia makes use of an internet connection (99.9%), mainly through ADSL (88.8%).

The report on the key indicators of ICTs in Catalonia, 2013, is a graph of a total of 186 indicators organised in 10 sectors, which has as its main objective to display a reliable profile of the ICTs in the different economic and social spheres of Catalonia.