JOBLAND, a European project that promotes orientation from Primary

Promoting and developing academic and professional guidance from primary education, as well as preventing early school leaving is the main objective of JOBLAND: Teaching skills and resources for improving career learning at schools, a new European project in which DEP Institute participates together with a consortium formed by 9 entities of the education and training sector from 6 countries: Romania, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Turkey and Spain.

This initiative seeks to introduce in this educational stage the world of professions and knowledge of the key skills for the development of students, so that they learn to be autonomous in the decision-making process throughout their academic and professional career.

Through the project, co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission, it is also intended to identify and provide methodology and resources that support the development of cross-disciplinary skills and student autonomy.

The JOBLAND project does not start from scratch. The consortium will use a theoretical framework and resources developed and tested in other projects in which DEP Institute has participated such as Guidance and Entrepreneurship Mind-Sets through Games (GEM), LEADER and Widening the Future.

If it is an educational and / or professional orientation center and you are interested in knowing more details about the project, you can contact us at or by phone (932151365 – Rachel Nelson).

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