Incidence evaluation of Bertelsmann Foundation

DEP Institut collaborates with Bertelsmann Foundation to evaluate its impact in the field of Coordinated Vocational Training (OPC). The model is based on an internationally guaranteed methodology.

Bertelsmann Foundation, as a recognized, innovative and influential Think Tank, has the mission of promoting positive social change, for society itself being sustainable over time.

Nowadays, in Spain, Bertelsmann Foundation, motivated by the impact of the economic crisis on youth unemployment, seeks to raise awareness among key ¿actors? and decision-makers in the fields of training and employment on the need for closer cooperation between the labour market and educational institutions.

That is why it has bet decisively to develop initiatives and tools, under the motto “For the youth occupation”, that contribute to favour the access of young people to the labour market, focusing on the school-work transition, besides promoting the public dialogue through the elaboration of studies and debates around these initiatives.

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