He would never would do it to you. Abandonment and adoption study 2019

Since 2008, D’EP Institut collaborates with the Affinity Foundation in the development of the study of abandonment and adoption of pets.

For this study, D’EP Institut conducts a survey that makes it accessible to public entities (town halls, county councils…), as private or mixed (protective societies, refuges, companies …) where the number of collected dogs and cats is asked, as well as the characteristics of animals and entities.

The aim of the survey is to analyze the evolution of the collection of animals and raise the awareness of the population about the problem of abandonment, making the maximum possible dissemination by sending a press release with the results to media and other strategies.

This year, it was estimated that more than 136,000 dogs and cats were collected throughout Spain in 2018. More specifically, 102,248 dogs and 33,937 cats.
The reason most mentioned for giving a dog or a cat to a shelter and animal welfare centres is unwanted bites, and about 40% of dogs and cats arriving in shelters and animal welfare centres are adopted.

For more information: https://www.fundacion-affinity.org/en