First Survey on Living Conditions in El Prat de Llobregat

The Prat Social Observatory Institute has commissioned D’EP conducting the Survey on Living Conditions 2020 (ECV 2020), following the structure of similar surveys carried out in Europe, Spain and Catalonia, to expand the range of data available in the municipality.

A total of 600 telephone interviews have been carried out with a stratified sampling, establishing quotas by sex, age and district of residence.

This survey has allowed the City Council to have first-hand, reliable and detailed information on some characteristics of the population of El Prat to better understand their needs and act accordingly. In this sense, the survey asks questions such as energy poverty, housing difficulties, perception of one’s own health or other risk factors for social exclusion, such as unwanted loneliness. The results complement those of the Coexistence Survey carried out by El Prat City Council in 2019.