Evaluation of the FutbolNet Program in NYC

FutbolNet is a methodology of social intervention created by the FCBarcelona Foundation in 2011. The methodology uses soccer and physical activity as tools for reflection and change agents to improve the lives of children and young people who are in vulnerable contexts.

In 2017, the FutbolNet program began to be implemented in New York City and the FCBarcelona Foundation called on DEP Institut to collaborate on the evaluation of the project.

DEP Institut has carried out the evaluation of the FutbolNet NYC program between October 2017 and May 2018, including an evaluation trip to the three schools where the program is implemented. The evaluation methodology was based on the completion of initial and final questionnaires, interviews and discussion groups.

The objectives of the assessment were: 1) to evaluate the degree of satisfaction according to the expectations of physical education teachers, families and those of participants, and 2) to evaluate the impact of the program on participants taking into account the priorities defined in the FCBarcelona Strategic Plan (2016-2021): acquisition of values; improvement of behaviour; academic performance; conflict resolution and social inclusion.

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