Evaluation of the FutbolNet Middle East Project

The DEP Institut collaborated for third consecutive year on the evaluation of the Programme.

This year the third edition of the FutbolNet Programme is being carried out in Oman, Qatar and Iraq, and the first editions in Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Brazil.

FutbolNet is a project based on the Futbol3 methodology, which is a tool for successful social action as recognised in Colombia and Germany. It is an innovative method for reduction through sport which allows for work with groups of young people in matters such as coexistence, discrimination, gender issues, etc.

The key to FutbolNet is dialogue. With this tool, the players, male or female, are not only entering into a relationship based on respect and mutual understanding, but rather they also acquire confidence in themselves and a sense of responsibility.

DEP Institut carries out tasks relating to the evaluation of the fulfillment and impact of the Program: In this sense, follow-ups are carried out of the implementation of the Program and the degree of fulfillment and impact through the use of different methods (surveys, interviews, group discussions or non-participatory observations).

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