DEP participates in the DIGI Guidance Project

DEP Institut is a partner in the European project DIGI Guidance which has the objective to develop an online academic and professional guidance tool for the Romanian context. The projects international project is working together to improve guidance in Romania through the transfer and development of an online guidance tool. The partners of the project are Romanian (from 4 regions of the country) and international partners from Catalonia, the United Kingdom and Italy.  The product that is being developed in the project, CAREER4U, is aimed at students and through looking for work.

In March of 2015, DEP Institut hosted the 3rd International Meeting of the project. 20 members of the project consoritium met in Barcelona to evaluate the pilot actions with the online guidance tool.


You can find more information about the projecte on the website  and on  Facebook. With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation of the European Union.EU_flag_LLP_EN-01