DEP Institut is the leader of the European Project “Keyway”

DEP Institut leads the project “Keyway: connecting guidance services to key impact indicators” supported by the European Comission under the Erasmus+ programme.

The Keyway project has been developed in order to connect guidance services and guidance organizations to key performance and impact indicators. The aim of the project is to support the evaluation and evidence based reform and design of guidance policies and services by creating a practical system of indicators for guidance organizations to measure the results and impact of their guidance services.

The Keyway project will:

  • Identify and analyze the diverse areas of impact that guidance actions have in the lives of citizens (conceptual impact map).
  • Define Key Indicators of Performance and Impact (KPIs) based on consensus methodologies so that guidance services have the needed measures to evaluate and valorize the services they provide.
  • Support the valorization and optimization of guidance services by developing a methodological guide to implement KPIs.

The project has 5 partners from 4 countries: Centro Studi Pluriversum (Siena), Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona), ISON Psychometrica (Atenes), University of Applied Labour Studies (Mannheim) and DEP Institut (Barcelona).