DEP Institut continues to collaborate with the IMD of the Ajuntament de Barcelona

During the coming months DEP will manage the Secretary of the European Observatory Cities and Towns for All.

The European Observatory Cities and Towns for All is a tool designed to streamline the process of participation of citizens, politicians and technicians, in order to improve the accessibility of urban environments and services and to create new management models that take into account the characteristics and interests of people living in the zone.

The Observatory function is to know, assess and report on the situation of the city and the exchange of experiences aimed at making the interaction between the city and all its inhabitants more friendly and more adequate for the positive development for people with disabilities.

In this regard, the request made to DEP Institut comprises:
– The research and publication of best practices in public policies implemented by city counciles from different European countries regarding disability.
– The management of municipalities becoming new members of the Observatory and updating the data of its members.
– Updating the website of the Observatory: people of the Observatory, interesting initiatives and current issues.
– Dissemination of content in two areas: elaborating and sending a monthly newsletter and the creation and management of the twitter account.

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February 16, 2015