D’EP carries out the external evaluation of the project Orienta4YEL

The project Orienta4YEL aims to develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and practices focused on mechanisms of orientation and tutorial actions to foster inclusive education of young people who are at risk of early leavers, in formal and non formal educational contexts.

Orienta4YEL is a 3 year, Erasmus+ project (Call EACEA/ 10 2018 which includes a partnership of 5 universities coordinated and led by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The Quality Plan of the project specifies that an external evaluation of the project will be done and will focus on the project’s progress toward its targets, the quality of the products and results, the management and participation of consortium partners, the impact on the target group, and the quality of dissemination and exploitation measures.

In this context, the Universitat de Barcelona has requested D’EP Institut organization with a long trajectory in the field of education, training and work as well as the evaluation of projects and programmes, to care for the external evaluation of the project “Orienta 4 YEL”.

The external evaluation stipulated will produce interim and final evaluations of the project development and its outcomes. D’EP Institut will monitor project indicators, will carry out partner and participant surveys and will participate in meetings to present results and recommendations to the partnership.