Career guidance during COVID-19

D’EP Institut, with Fundación Bertelsmann collaborated in the preparation of a study on the adaptation of career guidance within schools and educational centers. The study involved more than 230 educational centers and many different sector entities who supported the dissemination to schools.
The study highlights, among others, the necessary collaboration of the family in the task of guidance and how the centers have created tools to accompany students and t heir families.

During the health crisis, the centers have identified personalized monitoring and accompaniment of students and families as one of the main challenges that must be addressed, the labor and economic uncertainty leads to new questions related to the labor market makes the access to updated information on the professional environment more relevant.

The digitization of guidance has also been one of the most significant challenges identified in the study. Educators have migrated from a mostly face-to-face guidance service to a one hundred percent digital guidance and counselling in a matter of weeks. This fact has caused that 66.4% of the counselors have had to train in specific tools, counseling resources or emotional management skills, at the same time 43.8% of the counselors indicate that during the pandemic their dedication to career guidance has increased.

You can consult the full report at the following link: