Benchmark of good practices in Art, Heritage and Education

One of the foundational purposes of the Sagrada Familia Expiatory Temple Construction Board Foundation is to disseminate the life and work of the architect Antoni Gaudí.

One of the pillars to disseminate this knowledge is to offer didactic visits to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia to educational centres. To do this, the temple organizes activities around projects that link art-cultural heritage with education.

In this sense, the Sagrada Familia Expiatory Temple Construction Board Foundation has had the collaboration of DEP Institut to carry out an in-depth search of good practices around the work of Art-Heritage and Education.

The aims of the benchmarking have been: 1) To identify good practices of collaborative projects in Art-Heritage and Education in the school context at the national and international level and detect promoters of projects and relevant educational and cultural centres, and 2) From the search for good practices and the contact with its promoters, facilitate synergies and collaborations with other entities and initiatives.

To achieve these aims, the methodology consisted in the search of documentary related to collaborative projects in Catalonia, Europe and the United States; and conducting interviews with the key drivers.

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