Our history

DEP are the initials of the Institute of Studies and Professions (Instituto de Estudios y Profesiones), a private entity that started in the year 1995 by a psychologist and a sociologist, Montserrat Oliveras Bagués and Enric Renau Permanyer. After some years doing professional work at various entities and businesses, a broad array of studies in Italy and the United States, and an analysis of the business, public and university-related panorama, the two of them dared to take on all of the consequences and risks involved in establishing a business.

Lacking their own resources, but in the possession of a great deal of excitement, a certain amount of experience with previous projects, proper training and, above all else, with reliance on the collaboration of good professionals and family support, the company was founded in the year 1995. The headquarters was located on Pau Claris street in Barcelona and an office was also set up to carry out orientation activities, which was the result of a collaborative agreement with the same ICCIC Foundation.

DEP was structured in two areas, in accordance with the speciality of each of the members: one area geared towards academic and professional orientation, and the other for sociological research, with special interest in all matters relating to education, training and the working world, but its field of activities was broadened to other social areas and public policies.

The initial distribution of research and assessment tasks involved, was carried out according to the specialities of the founders: support and advisement to people from the psychological perspective, and support and advisement to public and private organisations from the sociological and political angle.

In 1997, when the digital revolution had started to take on a global scale, and the DEP Institute was starting to receive work from various companies, administrations and foundations that had to do with the internet, databases and information management (Servicaixa terminal and the Catalan Volunteer Services, for example), it was decided that a portion of the resources of the company would be dedicated to setting up an educational website for academic and professional orientation. In 1998, the beta trials were launched for the first educational website of the State, Educaweb.com. In 2000, Educaweb was established as an independent company, but financially and strategically supported by DEP.

Educaweb is currently one of the leaders in the virtual world when it comes to the sphere of training and is a point of reference as a training website, with quality, honest and reliable services and content. It is also a good business for DEP, which is one of its main shareholders. Hundreds of universities and training centres use it to provide their academic offerings, and millions of people use it to educate themselves and seek academic orientation.

Meanwhile, since 2000, DEP has focused its activities on research, and social information as well as strategic consultancy, whereas Educaweb has offered services relating to academic and professional orientation.

Within this period of time, with the restructuring of DEP, two areas of activity have been consolidated: research, under the umbrella name of the DEP Institute, and then Strategic Consultancy.

Currently, DEP is an organisation specialised in the social sphere and carries out activities to do with sociological research, consultancy and services relating to obtaining, managing and disseminating information. DEP supports businesses, public institutions and non-profit entities in their decision-making tactics and strategies, providing them with the knowledge and tools for proper communication.