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DEP studied whether it is feasible to start an educational centre in Toledo

Centros de Estudio de Castilla La Mancha in Toledo counted with the participation of DEP Strategic Consultancy, specialized in the educational sector, to carry out a study on the potential demand for the Tagus School in Toledo, a private centre the construction of which is planned a few kilometres away from the city’s urban centre.

In the feasibility plan developed by DEP, the monitoring of the region’s demographic evolution has been performed, the sociological characteristics of the city’s inhabitants have been studied and their lifestyles and consumption and leisure habits, among others, have been analyzed, in order to see if, eventually, the construction of the educational centre would be welcomed.

The demand study was a first step in order to design, subsequently, the most adequate communication campaign. In this field, DEP has written a descriptive report including the main communication strategies and the factors that can affect the centre’s success or failure.


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