21. Monographic on Education
September 2010 |

6. Learning Quality Plan

What do I need to do if I want to assess the teaching practice of my staff?
Escalae pedagogical project: analysis and improvement methodology for teaching and learning processes

Additionally to the improvement of management processes, services and facilities, it is necessary to improve teaching and learning processes with a methodology of analysis, based on pedagogical principles, determining the necessary improvement projects to achieve the centre’s ideal educative practice according to their purposes. This classroom processes’ quality system is named Escalae Pedagogic Self-diagnosis.

With this aim, DEP identifies the centre’s educational purposes through several meetings with the board of directors; establishes psychopedagogical indicators which will measure them and analyzes the current educational practice and the centre’s conditioning factors through a questionnaire analyzing the educational practice for teaching staff.

The second stage in this process consists of analyzing results and prioritizing the improvement suggestions depending on their importance and success possibilities, and the allocation of improvement projects on a short term, medium and long term basis, depending on the results obtained in the previous stage.

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1. Feasibility plan: supply and demand
Analysis of demand for new centres or educational services and adequacy of course offerings

2. Definition of educational projects
Mentoring the design of a new school, training or University centre

3. Communication and Fundraising Plan
Development of a good communication strategy to attract new users (students and families)

4. Directive and/or strategic Plans
Diagnosis and definition of guidelines, specific goals, timelines and costs

5. Management quality Plan
Selection of the most suitable methodology (ISO, EFQM or AUDIT), specification of processes and development of adequate indicators

6. Learning Quality Plan
Escalae pedagogical project: analysis and improvement methodology for teaching and learning processes

7. Benchmarking: analyzing competition, prospective studies and trends
Information research and experts consultation

8. Students and/or families Studies
Measuring needs and satisfaction in training centres

9. Lost target population
Analyzing the reasons behind students deciding for one centre or another

10. Alumni
Data base updates and development of Alumni networks

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