The only center of Colegios del Mundo Unido in Spain will open its doors in 2013

DEP Strategic Consultancy has been part of the project since its inception


It is expected that the opening of the first and only center Colegios del Mundo Unido (United World Colleges, UWC) will take place in Spain in 2013 in Comillas (Cantabria). It has been determined after the Board International Colegios del Mundo Unido granted preliminary approval to the project of creating the UWC Spain. This is the third stage of a total of four and its purpose is to analyze whether the proposed initiative meets the educational requirements, architectural, economic and financial. In the last phase, the final approval, will be determined when the new center will be opened permanently.

The Spanish Committee Foundation of Colegios del Mundo Unido and DEP Strategic Consultancy take more than three years working together so that Spain can count on one of his schools. So first, in 2007, analyzed the feasibility of locating one of these centers in Spain and the possibility of adapting the educational project of the UWC cultural characteristics, demographic and educational countries the Mediterranean basin.

Also, once embodied the probability could be carried out, the final draft was prepared with the distribution of the different areas of the campus, ICT plan and the necessary documentation for approval. In September 2008, the Spanish Committee Foundation of Colegios del Mundo Unido, after studying various offers, always with the advice of DEP, chose the location of Comillas, to install the new center.

Once determined its location, the aim has been to overcome the four phases that must be achieved to create finally UWC. For this purpose, DEP has visited the United World Colleges in other countries such as the Mahindra United World College of India in Pune, or the Atlantic College in Wales to identify and implement best practices on the new school.