The first summer course CMU and BBVA has been a success

DEP has participated in the organization, management short course


The Spanish Committee of Colegios del Mundo Unido held its first summer course in the framework of the Future values with the support of BBVA and cooperation of DEP Strategic Consultancy.

This initiative involved the students in the class winner of the first edition of the Comptition of 1000 and 1 values organized by the finantial institution.

Between 25 and 30 June students from secondary 1st class A of the Colegio CPR Galen of Lugo have lived in Vilanova de Sau (Girona) and has participated in workshops on values such as responsibility and solidarity.

Since 2007, DEP Strategic Consultancy has accompanied the Spanish Committee Foundation of Colegios del Mundo Unido in the creation of a United World College in Spain, which eventually will be located in the community of Cantabria.

That is why the Foundation of Colegios del Mundo Unido has had the cooperation of DEP in the organization, management and procedimentación the short course in order to standardize this type of activity, which is expected to go increasing in the coming years.

Currently, DEP is working on evaluating the satisfaction of students attending, as well as the analysis of the impact caused short course for students, for which DEP has prepared and distributed a questionnaire among students after six months to reconnect with them at the end of the course in order to measure the real application of the knowledge learned.