The center of Colegios del Mundo Unido in Spain will meet the highest quality standards

Fundación Colegios del Mundo Unido (CMU) has commissioned DEP Strategic Consultancy to develop a Quality Plan for the management of the future center will open its doors in Spain in 2013. This will be located in the old campus of the Universidad Pontifícia Comillas (Cantabria) and will host 240 boys and girls between 16 and 19 who attend scholarships and selected from more than 80 countries.

Both CMU and for DEP, think that is a challenge because the procedimentation schools usually performed once these are already in operation. However, in the case of Colegios del Mundo Unido España not being so as not to open its doors in September 2013.

Colegios del Mundo Unido has set a target that the future center will become a model of sustainability, accessibility and example in the use of information technology and communication (ICT) applied to the world of education. The design of a quality plan before its opening will become a very useful tool to ensure that the school will materialize following the mission, vision and values defined in the project. This is specified in the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes and establish an organizational model and management features.

Another advantage of developing a quality management system (QMS) before starting the educational activity is the reduction of costs involved implementing a QMS in terms of dissemination and training among the educational community.

As head of the design of this quality plan, DEP has established quality system objectives and scope from which specified map processes, define key processes and indicators designed to assess compliance and development.

About Colegios del Mundo Unido:

Colegios del Mundo Unido ( is an international non-profit organization with presence in more than 125 countries that promotes a peaceful society through multicultural education. Founded in 1962 and chaired by Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor of Jordan, has 13 centers of academic excellence spread across America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In each of these schools, study the International Baccalaureate 200 students from 16 to 19 years from 80 countries. All scholarship students are selected by their national committees and attending his record and personal merit, without regard to their socioeconomic origin, political or religious creed. During them stay in school, students undertake volunteer programs and take part in forums that promote international understanding and sustainable development in a climate of diversity. After nearly two decades managing scholarships for boys and girls can study Spanish in one of these centers, the Spanish Committee Foundation of Colegios del Mundo Unido is working on the implementation of the 14th center of the network, which will open its doors during 2013-14 to two buildings of the former Universidad Pontifícia Comillas (Cantabria).