Quantification of poor housing in Catalonia

DEP Institut carries out the quantification and territorial mapping of the population poorly housed in Catalonia by order of the Housing Agency of Catalonia.

The Moció 212/X of Catalonia’s Parliament on the problem of “homelessness” (7 May 2015) urged the Catalan Government to promote immediately the quantification of people with housing problems (roofless, homeless, insecure housing or inadequate housing) following the methodology used by the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA).

This motion also refers to the importance of including data on the profiles of affected people, refering both to the origin of the problem and the resources with which they are addressed, and to include ETHOS typologies of residential exclusion as recommended in The document Confronting Homelessness in the European Union.

Based on the data collected of whole Catalonia, a total of 48,454 cases of poor housing were considered during 2014: 5,433 roofless cases, 8,634 homeless, 26,705 cases of unsafe housing, and 7,682 cases of inadequate housing.

More information: http://habitatge.gencat.cat/