Pilot action LEADER project

On March 2nd students from PFI and PTT programmes of the Institut la Ferreria located in Montcada i Reixac participated in a pilot action within the framework of the European project LEADER (LEarning And Decision making Resources).

The project is based on the lifelong guidance perspective and is aimed to develop a career management skills (CMS) theoretical framework and training resources for guidance practitioners, tutors and teachers.

DEP Institut and Educaweb work together to plan and develop the pilot action. First, a training session addressed to tutors was carried out to explain the CMS framework developed within the LEADER project. Afterwards, there was a session with students. The selected activity named “També hi ha bones notícies” (“There are also good news”) (http://www.orientacio-accesitransformacio.cat/activitats-docents/2-tambe-hi-ha-bones-noticies/) was aimed to develop the competence of coping with adversities and changes in life and career.
Students participated actively in the activity and at the end of the session make up a press news story about their own professional future.

Finally, both tutors and students answered a questionnaire to assess the framework and the activity.