Orientation at school: comparative European experiences

Final conference of the European project Widening the Future

On September 4 we held the final conference of the European project Widening the Future in Siena. This initiative, funded by the European Commission under the Comenius program, has as its main objectives the exchange of experiences and good practices between schools, teachers, tutors, guidance counselors and psycho-pedagogues; know and create new knowledge about academic and professional orientation in Primary; and identify pedagogical and orientation resources for students.

The project has involved schools and teachers from five countries: Denmark, Spain, Italy, UK and Romania through seven partners who have participated in the project: Provincia di Siena (project leader), Centro Studi Pluriversum (coordinator), Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, DEP Institut, Institutul de Ştiinţe ale Educaţiei, Cascaid Ltd and University College of Capital.

Annalisa Cannoni, on behalf of the European Commission (GD Education and Culture) will be present at the conference, followed by keynote presentations by Ronald Sultana, Professor at the University of Malta and Director of EMCER, Jørgen Brock, Ministry Of Education of Denmark and member of ELGPN, Nicki Moore, researcher of the University of Derby, Marius Martínez, researcher of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and member of the AIOSP, and Giulio Iannis, professional guidance expert of the Studi Pluriversum Center. The final sessions will be conducted by Giovanna Del Gobbo, professor and researcher at the University of Florence, and Speranzino Ferraro, representative of the professional orientation of the Italian Ministry of Education. The day’s program also includes presentations by experts and professionals from the schools and services involved in the project’s actions (good practices and pilot testing of an orientation tool aimed at Primary students).

This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This communication is exclusive responsibility of the author. The Commission is not responsible for the use that may be made of the information disseminated here.