Local Diagnosis on functional diversity

DEP Institut collaborates with the Diputación of Barcelona in elaborating the first diagnosis regarding functional diversity on Santa Perpètua de Mogoda.

This diagnosis has four goals: i) Obtaining the data and information necessary for developing a diagnosis suited to the existent and expected needs; ii) Evaluate the development level of resources and services on the sphere of people with functional diversity on the town of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda; iii) Facilitate the definition of actions and interventions needed to answer present and future necessities; and iv) Propose an agenda for its execution.

For carrying out this diagnosis, a double methodology has been used. On the one hand, from the quantitative point of view, statistical data have been gathered about functional diversity in the town, and a survey aimed at educational centers and another one aimed at all the other local departments have been carried out. From the qualitative approach, interviews with key informants and two focus groups were conducted: one with the local Welfare Council and another with affected people.

Support for elaborating diagnosis regarding functional diversity is part of the services catalog offered by the Diputación of Barcelona to those local governments that request it.