LEADER project: lifelong guidance in Europe

The structure of work is changing and the management of own career and learning process is a lifelong challenge. For this reason, it is necessary that education and counseling services promote and develop the necessary skills on citizens to manage their learning and their careers throughout life.

The LEADER project, funded through the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union aims to define and share a framework of career management skills and develop training sources for career guidance practitioners. Professional skills are those skills, attributes, attitudes and knowledge that people need to manage their careers. Its development is a fundamental objective of the guidance throughout life.

As a company specializing in education, training and work, DEP Institut has participated in preparing the first report of LEADER project, “Understanding Career Management Skills,” presented at the International Conference in Barcelona this month of April. This report presents an analysis of the data collected during the first phase of the project and explores the concept of career management skills from the perspective of the partner countries: Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Data were collected through surveys and focus groups with trained career guidance practitioners with career-related functions in the partner countries.

After a first meeting in the UK in 2014 and a second in Turkey in 2015, this April the consortium held at the Barcelona conference “Lifelong guidance in Europe: Improving Career Management Skills”. A series of working sessions with the partners of the project were carried out during the meeting. The main objective of the conference has been the exchange of knowledge about methodological and pedagogical aspects of a new network management system for professional skills of European guidance throughout life. A meeting in which teachers, practitioners, educators, tutors and trainers across Europe have exchanged ideas and knowledge on new models and new tools targeting professional guidance and training.

More info: http://www.leaderproject.eu/