Child safety in vehicles

DEP analyzes the evolution of the use of Child Restraint Systems

A Spanish child is 42% more likely to die in a traffic accident that another from the EU of 20. With regard to countries like Sweden or Germany the chances are more than double. In 2008, 84 children died in our country because of accidents and 509 were wounded. This is confirmed by Study V RACC-JANÉ. Evolution of child safety in vehicles by DEP Institut.

This project shows the evolution of the use of Child Restraint Systems (CRS) in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. To do this, DEP has made 2,250 observations in the entrances of child education centers to grasp the habits and attitudes of caregivers in relation to the safety of children in vehicles, combined with 1,538 interviews to assess their knowledge about safety measures.

In the Catalan capital about 15% of the vehicles observed with children between 0 and 6 years and 7 to 12 carried a CRS and 34.2% of them used it insecurely. As for Madrid, over 96% of the cars carried a Child Restraint System, but 21.7% used them incorrectly. Finally, Valencia with a similar percentage to the Spanish capital, 95% of the observed vehicles carried a SRI and 13% of them used it incorrectly.

DEP has made several studies of this nature for the RACC Foundation. In 2003, DEP took over the development of an observational study with the main objective of trying to quantify the use of Child Restraint Systems in 0-6 year-old children.

In 2005, this work was completed by another study analyzing the evolution of the use of CRS in recent years and gathered the views of drivers traveling with children, for 0-6 year-olds, and 7-12 year-olds on issues such as knowledge of the legal rules of these safety devices in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

The current study is an extension of the previous one, whose purpose was to quantify and observe the evolution of the use of child seats, and to analyze the attitude of the person responsible for the Child Restraint Systems.