How to help transform your dreams into real academic and professional projects?

DEP Institut is working on a European project that intends to analyze and improve guidance among primary school teachers.

Widening the Future is a project financed by the European Commission within the framework of the Comenius program, in which entities from the sector in five countries participate: Denmark, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Romania. The objective of this project, in which DEP Institute is a member, is to analyze and improve academic and professional orientation among primary students.

With this initiative, there is a desire for fomenting the exchange of experiences and good practices between schools, teachers, tutors, guides and educational psychologists; to know and create new knowledge regarding academic and professional orientation in Primary education and identifying pedagogical resources for guiding the students.

Widening the Future also includes the development and realization of training and exchange sessions based on cooperative learning so that schools, teachers, tutors and educational psychologists may be able to incorporate and improve orientation activities with the students in order to prevent and reduce withdrawal from school, among other problems.

Throughout the month of April, DEP Institut has carried out a debate session with teachers, tutors, directors and educational psychologists in the metropolitan area of Barcelona in order to identify experiences and share the needs relating to resources and tools for providing academic and professional orientation in Primary education.

This project has been financed with the support of the European Commission. This communication is the exclusive responsibility of the author. The Commission is not responsible for the usage that may occur of the information here disseminated.