Fòrum Cívic del Camp promotes an international school in Salou

DEP has participated in the creation of this new Escola Internacional del Camp


Salou, a town of Tarragona, will host an international school in 2012, promoted by the foundation Fòrum Cívic del Camp (FCC), which will provide all levels of education no university, will house up to 1,250 students.

DEP Strategic Consultancy started working with the Tarragona organization in 2006 as research and information management company, specializing in the field of education and training, conducting a feasibility study with the aim of estimate the potential demand of the Escola Internacional del Camp of Tarragona, know the profile of the target audience and identify their needs towards their children’s education. Now, to make Fòrum Cívic del Camp participated and won the competition, DEP has taken to review the educational project, as well as develop and manage all required documentation within the established deadlines.

The school

The Escola Internacional del Camp (EIC) has been chosen through an open competition for the City of Salou to meet the need of educational services in foreign languages and the territory located on the street Salvador Espriu.

It is a secular school, mixed and will become concerted, offering a comprehensive education solution for both academic outputs, including an international baccalaureate degree, such as vocational training, using a pedagogical model, Sòcrates Educa.

EIC’s mission is to educate citizens committed to their country, language and culture, able to live and develop in a globalized world and communicate so multilingual, especially in English. The main values that govern the operation of the school are: excellence in the use of technology, humanistic commitment with the community, the culture of peace and coexistence, sustainability and equity.

Escola Internacional del Camp is a new school model that links the municipality, the region and the country among themselves but also with the outside, looking for links with schools and other organizations to benchmark countries.

The construction of new school buildings is expected to start this year and will take place in three phases.

The new school in the country will have a major impact on the entire population of Salou, where you can enjoy the new facilities of the center and its activities open to the general public, as well as benefit from the activities the students in the program Aprenentatge i Servei for the territory community.



As regards the viability plan prepared in 2006, DEP conducted 15 in-depth interviews parents of children under six years of school, senior executives with children under 3 and other foreigners who are planning to locate its residence in Tarragona also with children under three years or are planning to have one in the next three years, strategic informants regard to tourism, education and chemistry of Tarragona and experts in the construction and planning of schools. Likewise also surveyed 100 people in the target audience and searched and analyzed secondary data available from the Camp de Tarragona.

Throughout this year, in addition to the review and management of the documentation necessary to carry out the bidding of the plots to locate the school, DEP Strategic Consultancy also is being supported by the Foundation many other tasks to perform for the opening of school. Since the legal issues, including fundraising through the requirements related to building and construction, facilities and equipment and academic activities, among others.

The project in the media: