European Project regarding application of ICT on career orientation

DEP Institut participates on the international benchmarking of leading practices.

JobTribu is a European project funded by the 2007-2013 PROGRESS Program and aimed mainly at young people, which has been created with the main purpose of defining to what extent career and educational orientation services can benefit from the opportunities presented by new technologies, especially Web 2.0 tools.

In order to know how to properly apply the new instruments, the project researched at a European level the best practices when it comes to using ICT in orientation services, and a series of pilot tests were carried out on the participant countries. From these studies, some application tools and methodologies were extracted, which should allow to improve those services.

DEP Institut, the only Spanish partner on the JobTribu Project, participates jointly with different organizations from five countries: Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Romania, and Spain. Specifically, DEP Institut oversees the use of online databases as a tool for self-orientation, using the Educaweb site as an example along with two of its career and academic orientation tools: The Great Path and the NEPTU. Possible uses for social networks within the field of orientation services were analyzed as well.

As the high number of daily visits on the Educaweb site reveals (over 15.000), there is an important demand for quality information regarding educational supply. Users are mainly students, education professionals and families looking for courses, publications, articles or tools.

Within the JobTribu Project context, these tools have been advertised on Facebook and social networks, and in-person sessions have been held in different Catalan educational centers, addressed to young people between 16-20 and secondary school students (14-16). Afterwards, these tools have been assessed by the users.

With GR, young people can identify through a questionnaire those learning areas and professions that best suit their profile, a tool that requires being complemented with additional orientation activities. With regard to NEPTU, usage of this educational and professional intranet under supervision of a counselor shows an important popularity, despite the fact that many schools and educational center still prefer the old printed resources system.

Social networks have as their main advantages being communication tools that allow us to reach new audiences and young crowds, as well as being present where our users communicate with each other. Likewise, the need for constant management and the lack of feedback are some of the problems to be kept in mind.

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