In Vilafranca there are 110 entities offering courses

Of the more than 1,400 existing courses, 21.1% are of languages according to the census made by DEP Institut

In Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) there are a total of 110 entities offering courses. Of the more than 1,400 courses taught, language courses ​​are the predominant with 21.1%. In second place, with 15.4%, musical education, dance and theater courses are found and 11.3% were related to sports. This information is extracted from the census and study of entities offering courses in this Catalan city, developed by DEP Institut under the innovative project Aprender en Vilafranca (Learning in Vilafranca). This project is being promoted by the Servicio de Fomento de la Ocupación (Employment Service) of the City Council of Vilafranca with the support of the Labor Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Social Fund.

More than half of the organizations which concentrate the learning offer of Vilafranca belongs to the third sector (53.1%). Among these they include cultural or leisure entities with 26.3%. The private sector represents 31.3%, 26.3% of which corresponds to companies.

Of all these agencies more than half do not have a website, so the information extracted from the census will be integrated into an online portal made by, which will present the characteristics and type of courses they provide, in addition to their contact details. Within the web a career guidance tool called Ipsum will also be included. Also, DEP Institut will conduct a study on the learning needs of the population and the demand for professionals by companies.

As a final point of Aprender en Vilafranca (Learning in Vilafranca), will organize a trade fair of career guidance where all initiatives that have been carried out, with the aim of improving the human capital of the city, focusing on training and employment, will be presented.