Diagnosis and improvement of ICT development in schools

The integration of technology in schools is increasingly important, not only as tools that facilitate internal communication and school management but specially, for being applied directly to learning methodologies.

Edutech Cluster, a group of educational technology companies, is aimed to design and implement initiatives to strengthen its partner companies. In this sense, one of the main objectives is to promote the strategic importance of ICT in the teaching-learning process.

Along these lines, DEP Institut is working with the Cluster to design a tool that allows schools to make a diagnosis about the degree of ICT development, to know its position regarding other centers and, in addition, to identify -the school itself- the optimal technologies to maximize its potential, both in terms of educational project and center organization.

The methodology used in the construction of this tool includes a review of international projects, conducting interviews with directors, and ICT and learning and knowledge technology managers, and also working sessions with experts in educational technologies with the aim of designing and piloting a prototype to validate their suitability.

Edutech Cluster link: http://edutech.cat/