DEP promotes TVJ

DEP Strategic Consultancy was the only representative from Spain, together with another group company, in the project THE VIRTUAL JOBCLUB (TVJ) included in the European program “Leonardo da Vinci”. Other partners are Britain, Italy and Poland.

The aim of TVJ was to create a methodology based on Internet use by both public and private organizations that provide employment services and career guidance.

Each country and each partner company has commissioned the development of a different task. DEP’s work has been a study of best practices in what has been highlighted by the positive use different virtual communities in job search and career guidance. In addition, DEP has taken the concept of a web-centered guidance and dedicated technicians and public officials.

From this idea, the Polish partner has been responsible for the design of the website and has been commissioned to make it known in Spain. Finally, DEP has compiled a manual for counselors and technicians in the public sector where they show how to support the process of job search over the Internet.

THE VIRTUAL JOBCLUB project lasted two years -from October 2004 to September 2006, in which three international meetings were held, two in Italy and one in Poland. With this initiative the European Union has sought to reduce the unemployment rate, offering a tool to help job seekers from the network.