DEP Institut participates in the project, LEADER: resources for learning and decision making

The LEADER Project co-financed through the Erasmus Program and the European Union will identify and develop resources and methods for developing and evaluating the management habits of a professional career (CMS) LEADER will also have as its objective the offering of tools useful to professional guides in implementing guidance programs regarding abilities in management of professional careers.

LEADER’s activities and results include:

– Analysis of the necessities for guidance and frameworks of abilities in career management in six countries for defining shared models:

– Adaptation of the consortium’s ICT instruments to adjust them to the needs of the guides and users;

– Pilot trial of the best resources and activities for dissemination;

– Development of training modules for guides and teachers based on cooperative learning

– Creation of an on-line platform for cooperative learning.

In December of 2014 the consortium of six countries (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, Romania and Turkey) gathered at the University of Derby, United Kingdom to hold the first meeting of the project and organize the work to be carried out throughout this project for it to finalize in August 2017.

This year, in the month of May 2015, the consortium gathered at Cukurova University at Adana, Turkey to hold the second meeting of the project in order to discuss the first analysis of the abilities used in managing a professional career, for the six countries.