DEP Institut performs the Diagnosis of social vulnerability linked to housing in Palau-solità i Plegamans

The study concludes that the most serious problems in the municipality are the scarce offer of multi-family housing, the difficulties of access to rental housing, empty housing, occupations and pirated services, housing in the hands of banks , the accessibility to housing developments and the difficulties of payment.

The diagnosis, based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, has been able to identify both the problems and the causes that produce them. In this sense, for example, the scarce offer of multi-family housing compared to single-family housing is largely explained by the large urban dispersion of the municipality and the low level of housing. On the other hand, difficulties in accessing rental housing derive substantially from the scarce existing offer, rather than its price. On the other hand, the problems of empty houses, occupations and pirated services (like electricity) are closely linked to the problems of housing in the hands of banks, since, to a large extent, empty houses and occupied houses are owned by financial entities.

One of the groups most affected by these problems is the young population, many of whom have delayed their emancipation or have decided live in other municipalities due to these problems. Even so, the Palau-solità i Plegamans Town Council has already begun to take action to improve situations of social vulnerability linked to housing such as the realization of new multi-family housing purchases and rental and meetings with the different agents involved in the problems of empty housing and housing in the hands of banks.