Guidance Activities Guides for the transformation and access to work markets (Recercaixa 2012)

The study has as its objective research into access to work markets and job insecurity

The project, “Impact of professional orientation of young people in the development of ability to access labour markets and transform them”, presented by DEP Institut, Educaweb, the International Foundation for Interdisciplinary Health Promotion and directed by researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Mario Martinez, has been selected for the 2012 event of the RecerCaixa Program.

The study, in which DEP has participated, is framed in the document on projects relating to employment, which has as its objective the investigation into access to work markets and job insecurity, especially as they relate to young people.

The RecerCaixa Programme, sponsored by the La Caixa Social Project Fund and the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), has as its primary objectives the setting up of excellent scientific research in Catalonia and the increase of awareness and involvement of the citizens within the process of research and scientific advancement. The 2012 gathering brought together more than 360 high-level proposals coming from 67 different institutions, 25 of have been selected and will receive financing for carrying out their research.

The projects selected have been elected taking into account their vocation to transformation, understood to have the desire for that potential beneficiary to reach the citizens, be it through the provision of solutions to social problems or through the creation of new scientific knowledge and responding to fundamental questions.

The resolution of the gathering was made public this past 22nd of February in Barcelona, in an act held at Cosmocaixa presided by Antoni Castella, secretary of Universities and Research at the Department of Economics and Knowledge at the Generalitat of Catalonia; Jaime Lanaspa, director general of the La Caixa Foundation; Ferran Sancho president of ACUP; Josep M Vilalta; secretary executive of ACUP in representation of the RecerCaixa programme, and Enric Banda, director of the Area of Science, Research, and the Environment at the La Caixa Foundation.