DEP Institut collaborates in the evaluation of a project for the development of Dual VET Program in SMEs

The Fundación Bertelsmann works together with the JP Morgan Chase Foundation in the development of the “Enabling high-quality Apprenticeship in SEMS” project, whose main objective is to promote and implement models of Dual Vocational Training in Spanish SMEs from Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid. DEP Institut will contribute to the evaluation of the indicators that will be used to monitor and evaluate the impact of the project. The indicators to be evaluated will allow the collection of information about: the participation of tutors in the training activities, the involvement of business associations and SMEs in the implementation and promotion of the model, the enrollment of students in the promoted dual vocational training cycles, the completion of the studies and subsequent labor insertion of these students. The study will be carried out mainly between 2016 and 2017, but some indicators will be evaluated in 2020.

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