DEP Institut analyzes monthly labor market indicators for Infojobs since 2011

The study corresponding to the month of September indicates that the jobs offered in Infojobs have grown by 21% compared to 2016, with 26,642 more jobs. Of the total of 265,281 positions offered, the Commercial and sales sector comprises 23.1%, Customer service 13.3%, and Computing and telecommunications 11.4%. Also noteworthy is the Purchasing, logistics and warehouse sector, which increased 206.7% compared to 2016.

Regarding the type of working hours, 56.5% of offers for the month of September correspond to full-time work. Regarding the work experience requested, 40% of the offers do not require previous experience, while 37.1% request at least one year of experience and 12.8% request at least two years of experience.

During the month of September, a total of 1,062,791 people signed up for Infojobs’ offers, 41.6% of them with university studies and 26.9% with studies of training cycles. Regarding contractual modality, 77.1% of these registered prefer permanent contracts, and regarding working hours, 35.2% opted for full-time.