European Observatory Cities and Towns for All

For the second consecutive year, the DEP Institut has taken charge of the management of the European Observatory Cities and Towns for All.

The European Observatory “Cities and Towns for All” is a tool created to bring dynamism to the processes of participation among the citizens, politicians and technicians, for the purposes of improving accessibility to services in the urban environment, as well as creating management models that take into account the features and interests of the people that live in the municipalities.

The function of the Observatory is to get to know, evaluate and provide information regarding the situation of the city and the exchange of experiences undergone in order to make it so that interactions between the city and all of its inhabitants be more amicable and favour the positive development of persons with disabilities.

In this context, since 2013, the duty of the DEP Institut has consisted of creating dynamism and strengthening the creation and dissemination of content related to the Observatory through its website and Twitter account.

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