5th transnational meeting of the European project LE.A.DE.R in Bucharest

The 5th transnational meeting of LE.A.DE.R (Learning and Decision Making Resources) Project was held in Bucharest during April 10, 11, and 12 (2017).

The meeting aimed to share and present the results of pilot actions conducted in Britain, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and Turkey, and establish guidelines for preparing the final report. The pilot actions were used to test the Career Management Skills (CMS) framework, validate the usefulness of the selected activities in relation to the framework and measure the impact on participants.

Likewise, the meeting served to agree on the contents of the manual which contain the main contributions of the project. Finally, the project partners will create a website for professionals where they can access all the studies and information generated within the project, and also the training activities and resources or tools aimed at developing the CMS of the people they care for.