DEP Institut assesses the project “Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles”

Since 2001, the City Council encourages schools in Barcelona (teachers, students, monitoring services, non-teaching staff and families) to make “Escuelas + Sostenibles”, as a project of education, participation and civic involvement. An invitation that is both recognition, encouragement and support for the work that many schools already do in environmental education and also a new opportunity to strengthen the links between school and city.

The “Escuelas + Sostenibles” developed by the different schools have in common projects that are based on:
1. A participatory process;
2. Review of educational approaches and practices; and
3. Commitment in improvement actions related to environment and sustainability.
In this context, the Barcelona City Council has seen fit to boost an analysis to assess the satisfaction of those involved with the program and also the impact of the project. Therefore, the Department of Environment and Urban Services of Barcelona City Council has requested DEP Institute , a company with extensive experience in the assessment of plans and programs , to develop a study to assess the fulfillment of the objectives of the program “Barcelona Escuelas + Sostenibles”.

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