21% of catalan drivers confesses to consume alcoholic beverages in short drives

Institut DEP has collaborated in the study beverage consumption among drivers for the RACC Foundation

While in short distances over 21 % of Catalan drivers confesses to consume alcoholic beverages , over long distances the percentage drops to 10%. This is a conclusion from the study “El consumo de bebidas entre los conductores” (Drinking habits among drivers) conducted by DEP Institut for the RACC Foundation in the framework of the campaign “La carretera te pide SIN” (Highway asks for WITHOUT), organized among others by Cerveceros de España, the Directorate General of Traffic ( DGT) and the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT ).

Also, 29.8 % of those interviewed claimed to have reduced alcohol consumption in the last five years and 15.3 % preferred beer without alcohol before or during short trips.

DEP Institut has been responsible for the realization of 1,092 telephone interviews across Spain , of which 228 in Catalonia, among drivers over 18 years of age.